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Mission statements as marketing: a mistake for non-profits? Part 2

Yesterday, Sam Frank, Principal, Synthesis Partnership shared some of his expertise on mission statements [link back]; an excellent primer and case for the importance and value of articulating mission statements. I invited Sam to guest post because I wanted him to help me convince readers not to use mission statements as marketing messages. It turns out that we don’t entirely agree, and we decided to share the rest of our conversation with you.

Writing a speech? Ask your speaker these questions

Having previously shared my Ten Essential Steps for Successful Speech Writing, I’d like to elaborate on step #4: interviewing your speaker. Asking these four simple questions will help to make your interview as fruitful as possible...

Non-Profit Communicator Profile: Martha Watt, Communications Coordinator, United Church of Canada

Martha Watt is an internal communications specialist who puts customer service front and centre. Working as the Communications Coordinator, Ministry and Employment at the General Council Office for The United Church of Canada, Martha is responsible for communicating ministry and employment information to lay employees and ministry personnel, as well as to leadership volunteers. This represents a very large, national audience, since there is a United Church in almost every community of 5,000 people or more in Canada.

Non-Profit Communicator Profile: Randi Garcha, Canadian Diabetes Association

When Randi Garcha began her career in the nonprofit sector, she wanted two things: to be challenged and to make an impact. Eight years later, Randi has definitely achieved both goals.

Non-Profit Communicator Profile: Suzanne Hallsworth, Oakville Hospital Foundation

This is the first in my new series, profiling non-profit marketers and communicators...

Lean budgets and scarce human resources: these are relatively common problems for nonprofit communicators, but Suzanne Hallsworth, Communications Director at Oakville Hospital Foundation, sees them as opportunities. Suzanne finds reward in constantly striving to do more and more with less, and explains that in this context, success is that much more gratifying.

Totally Integrated Awareness Campaigns: Toronto Cause Marketers Meetup

Our presenters at last week's Cause Marketers Meetup were Farah Ng and Meghann Comerford from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Foundation. Earlier this year, I had witnessed their ‘Toronto’s Most Life Changing Address’ campaign all over the city, in print and online and was keen to hear more about their integration of traditional and new media channels.

Using Content to Connect: Toronto Cause Marketers Meetup

At last week’s Cause Marketers Meetup in Toronto, Aerin Guy of SpaceRace shared insights from her role as Community Manager with Totally ADD: a multimedia education resource for people with ADD. Since Aerin joined the Totally ADD team in February, the site has developed an active, international community of online contributors.

Aerin has kindly shared her presentation and related notes on her blog. That leaves me to simply share some of the key points I took home as a participant.

Social media planning for nonprofits: Bianca Freedman Interview, Part 2

In part one of our interview Bianca Freedman of the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation shared her thoughts an experiences with the importance of social media planning – and the dangers of operating without a plan. In part two, Bianca shares her thoughts on creating a plan, setting goals and objectives and measuring success.

Social media planning for nonprofits: Bianca Freedman Interview, Part 1

Earlier this spring, Bianca Freedman, of the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation shared her experiences with social media planning at a meeting of cause marketers in Toronto. Bianca agreed to share her experiences and insights with my readers by answering a few interview questions…

The Value of Blogging for Nonprofits: Toronto Cause Marketers Meetup

At the Toronto Cause Marketers Meetup this week, Aurelia Dalinda and Erin Elliott shared Evergreen’s blogging experience to date. With limited time and resources, the decision to start a blog was made carefully and strategically. Today, Evergreen has two successful blogs in place: the local Brick Works blog as well as a national Evergreen blog. These are my notes from the case study event.

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