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Matching yourself up with the right web developer

Finding the right person to create your online presence can be nerve-wracking – would you agree?

In the last year, I’ve found myself needing two websites built: and the site for my course, For a number of reasons, I used a different pro for each, neither one of which was my main ‘go-to’ web developer (who will soon be redesigning

First birthday of the Nonprofit MarCommunity!

The Nonprofit MarCommunity is one year old today! I've written about it over on the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog, but since it's a moflow offering, I just had to mention it here.

Write better bios for your nonprofit’s ‘About Us’ section [free training video]

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I mentioned an upcoming shift in my business to include more training: free – and for those who want to dig deeper, online courses. As I begin this shift, my focus is on helping nonprofits write website copy and I’m kicking things off with a new free video mini-training on writing better nonprofit bios.

Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 5: lessons learned

What happens when you bring together a room full of people who have a shared interest in and desire to build communications capacity for nonprofits? You get many, many good ideas.

Over the last few days, I’ve been blogging about a session I delivered last week for Maytree called Five Good Ideas About Building Nonprofit Communications Capacity. I walked away from the session with a huge bundle of papers absolutely filled with amazing insights and ideas from participants. In fact, there were far more insights offered during the session than we could possibly have shared back to the group within our time frame, so I committed to finding a way to bring them all together and share them. That sharing has taken the form of this blog series.

Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 4: more good ideas

As nonprofit communicators, we know that building our capacity to communicate is important because there is so much we want to achieve. But it can feel like so much is outside of our control and it’s not always obvious what steps we can take as individuals to move in the right direction.

Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 2: the possibilities

Why is building nonprofit communications capacity important? What is it communicators want to achieve with greater capacity? What would greater communications capacity mean for communicators, nonprofits and the communities we serve? 

Building nonprofit communications capacity, Part 1: five good ideas

This week, I had the incredible honour of presenting for the Maytree Five Good Ideas event series, facilitating a session on building nonprofit communications capacity.

In keeping with the Five Good Ideas model, I started the session by presenting my ideas on building nonprofit communications capacity. Understanding that pressing needs for nonprofit communicators include skills development, time and resources – and that the latter two are simply part of the reality of working in the sector – I suggested five ideas for taking capacity building into our own hands.

Content, community and creating a foundation

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to share my reflections on what 2013 has meant for my business, along with my plans for 2014.

When to hire an editor versus a copywriter

I’m often contacted by potential clients who think they need a copywriter, but who would actually benefit more from working with an editor. In order to get the right talent for your job, it’s important to understand which professional can deliver the best results for you. The lines can seem a bit blurry at times and in fact, there are many pros who offer both editing and writing services. But it’s important to clarify which skills you need for your project, no matter who you hire.

New nonprofit marketing communications website launches today

Today, moflow launches a new website for the nonprofit marketing communications community: The Nonprofit MarCommunity is a guide to delivering nonprofit marketing communications, also offering opportunities for members to share their own experiences and insights.

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